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Shuttle Service
During the Workshop, a free shuttle service will be offered from Frascati to ESA-ESRIN . The pick-up and drop-off point will be Piazza Guglielmo Marconi. The service will also be available from ESA-ESRIN to Frascati centre. Please refer to the Time Table below:

10th October 2022

08:00 Frascati Piazza Marconi – ESA-ESRIN 

19:15 ESA-ESRIN – Frascati Piazza Marconi 

11st October 2022

08:00 Frascati Piazza Marconi – ESRIN 

19:15 ESA-ESRIN – Piazza Marconi

12th October

08:00 Frascati Piazza Marconi – ESRIN 

14:20 ESRIN – Frascati Piazza Marconi 

Participants of the WOC UCM 2022 are welcome to use this shuttle bus.


Please find below a list of suggested hotels in the centre of Frascati. Rooms can be booked upon availability by contacting the hotels directly.

Hotel Contact email Phone Single room Double room
Hotel Bellavista Frascati +39065416304
Hotel Flora +39069416110 €110,00
 Hotel Colonna +390694018088 €80,00 €100,00

Contact info

For information regarding the logistics of the venue place, accommodation, shuttle bus and for any dietary requirements, please contact :