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10-12 OCTOBER 2022 ESA-ESRIN Frascati, Italy

WOC 2022

World Ocean Circulation User Consultation Meeting


The accurate knowledge of the upper ocean circulation at all time and space scales is of key importance to many scientific, operational and commercial applications. ESA, together with OceanDataLab, Ifremer and NERSC is organizing a World Ocean Circulation User Consultation Meeting (UCM), to be held from 10 to 12 October 2022 in ESA -ESRIN Frascati, Italy. It aims at presenting the main outcomes of the ESA World Ocean Circulation (WOC) project and at preparing a roadmap for new initiatives on ocean circulation research and applications to be implemented in the ESA EO Science for society programme element.


The main objective of the workshop is to bring together expert scientists, service providers and direct users to review the state-of-the-art in ocean circulation products and applications. As such the UCM will open up for discussion of key requirements for research and development activities that will address the needs of a wide range of users, define priorities and issue recommendations for shaping new ESA science and applications projects with an emphasis on evaluating where Earth Observations (EO) may contribute.


The workshop is being organized as a series of sessions targeting specific themes. Each session will consist of invited talks, contributed oral and poster presentations, and a group discussion. The workshop will conclude with a synthesis and recommendation session.
We invite submission of abstracts contributing to the following themes:

  • Upper-layer circulation products development
    This session will focus on the latest advances (New methods/ New algorithms/ New technologies) regarding the use of satellite observations, together with in-situ data and/or model outputs for the estimation of ocean currents, added-value products, high-level indicators.

  • Upper-layer circulation products use for downstream applications
    This session will focus on showcasing the use of upper-layer ocean circulation for downstream applications (Maritime Transport, Navigation and offshore safety operation , Sustainable fisheries, Clean ocean, Marine Renewable Energies, …) and collecting user requirements for future developments.

  • Upper-layer circulation products use for scientific applications
    This session will focus on showcasing the use of upper-layer ocean circulation for science-driven applications and collecting scientific users requirements for future developments.

Preliminary Programme

Please download the full draft programme HERE

The PADLET is accessible at and will stay open for the entire duration of the meeting. It is an interactive way for you to exchange views and provide recommendations on the main scientific challenges, gaps and opportunities for future activities regarding the different Workshop topics. You are very welcome to start using it right now!


The Abstract submission interface is now open, and we invite you to submit your abstract HERE along with your
selection of the session and type of presentation (oral or poster) proposed
Note: Abstract length should be at least 200 words and maximum 300 words (one A4 page, single space normally contains 400-500 words).
Information about the co-authors (name, last name, affiliation, contact Email) is required


Abstract submission openingMay, 12th 2022
Abstract submission closureJune, 24th 2022 extended to July, 4th 2022
Notification of acceptanceAugust, 5th 2022
Issue of Preliminary ProgrammeSeptember, 5th 2022
Registration OpeningSeptember, 5th 2022
Registration closingSeptember, 30th 2022
Issue of Final ProgrammeSeptember, 30th 2022
WorkshopOctober, 10-12, 2022

Organizing Committee

Bertrand Chapron


Fabrice Collard


Johnny A. Johannessen


Gilles Larnicol


Sabrina Lodadio

Serco c/o ESA

Giuseppe Ottavianelli

European Space Agency (ESA)

Irene Renis

Serco c/o ESA

Marie-Hélène Rio

European Space Agency (ESA)

Ulla Vayrynen

Serco c/o ESA

Scientific Committee

Laurent Bertino


Bruno Buongiorno-Nardelli


Daniele Ciani


Gérald Dibarboure

CNES France

Lucile Gaultier


Julien Le Sommer

IGE France

Pierre-Yves LeTraon

Mercator-Ocean France

Sandrine Mulet

CLS France

Ananda Pascual

CSIC, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Marcos Portabella

Institut de Ciènces del Mar

Clément Ubelmann


Erik Van Sebille

University of Utrecht

Doug Vandemark

University of New Hampshire